Bro Ron Ralph (Pastor)

Pastor Ron Ralph was born in Alabama in 1960 and spent most of his childhood in Alabama and Tennessee. He was born again in 1978 and a few months later was called to preach and then began  pastoring his first church in 1979. He started Cornerstone Baptist Church in 1991 where he has now served for twenty seven plus years. He has this to say to those interested in Cornerstone:

Our Lord and Saviour said, “….I will build my church…” and Paul the Apostle taught that some plant and some water but it is “…God that giveth the increase.” It has been my joy for more than twenty five years to watch God do a work in our midst. I am blessed to have a core group of people who do a better job of practicing what I preach than I do! We do not build the church, the Lord does. As I have tried to “perfect the saints” and as they help me do the “work of the ministry” we have seen God build His church! As He has blessed our efforts and expanded our ministry, we give Him all the glory; He alone is worthy!


Bro Jim Britton (Assistant Pastor)

Jim Britton was born and raised in southwest Virginia. Upon moving to middle Tennessee he met his wife-to-be Rachelle Ison. They married in October 2002 and have four girls, Chloe, Lindsey, Emily, and Bailey. Jim and Rachelle came to Cornerstone in 2001 and eventually moved to Carthage in 2004. In 2005 Jim came to serve as an Assistant Pastor at Cornerstone performing various duties including the teen ministry, cd/mp3 ministry, radio ministry, jails, nursing homes, etc.


Bro Brad Price (Assistant Pastor)

Bro. Brad was born and raised in central Indiana. He moved to Carthage to attend Cornerstone in 2000. Through the teaching of the Scriptures and personal time with Bro. Ron the Lord helped him deal with some questions and confusion about doctrine.

Soon after coming to the church he began to work with the children’s ministry as a volunteer. Later he joined the staff where he has served for over 14 years as assistant to the pastor and leader of children’s ministries.

Bro Jed Staff Pic

Bro Jed Cleghorn (Assistant Pastor)

Bro. Jed was born in Ohio in 1991 and spent most of his childhood on a farm in southern Indiana. He trusted Christ as a young boy and surrendered his life to the Lord in 2008 at a Missions Conference in the church his father pastored. In 2014 Bro. Jed moved to the mission field with his parents where he spent a year and a half learning language and serving with his father.

At the end of 2015, Bro. Jed moved to Carthage, TN and joined Cornerstone Baptist Church. He joined the staff of Cornerstone in 2021 where he now serves as an assistant pastor with a focus on Missions and Music.